Volunteer Training Now Available Online


by S.Purdom

11/2/2017 10:51:26 AM

News Image Message from Sherry Purdom MISD Volunteer Director We thank our 500 plus volunteers who have attended and participated in confidentiality trainings. The Murray District has had an organized volunteer program for 29 years and it continues to grow with nearly 700 community and in-kind services in a 1,500 student district. A breakdown submitted in the 2015-2016 Community Education Report to the state, the Murray district, with 1500 student has nearly 500 classroom volunteers that gave 25,071 volunteer hours last year. Murray Elementary School-6250 Murray Middle School-771 Murray High School-400 Band-11,900 Athletics-4,500 Head Start-1,250 For a total of 25,071 The confidentiality training is now available on line. Visit the MISD webpage, click on about us, visit the volunteer tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Our online confidentiality training is available, and application. A background check is required from the state. There is a suggested $10 fee. (A background check is good for five years). A mandated quiz is also available after watching the online video. Any questions should be directed to Sherry Purdom: Sherry.purdom@murray.kyschools.us Thanks.