The Murray Independent School District

Maintains High Achievement in 2016-2017 Assessment Data

by S. Purdom

9/29/2017 1:14:39 PM

Murray, Ky., Sept. 27--- The Murray Independent School District continues to maintain a high level of student achievement in all contents and areas in the newly released 2016-2017 assessment data provided by the Kentucky Department of Education. In December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replaced the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act as federal education law and reauthorized the 50-year-old Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). In addition, earlier this year the Kentucky General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed sweeping education legislation (Senate Bill 1) that addresses standards, assessments, accountability and school improvement in concert with the requirements of ESSA. As a result of state and federal law changes in the ESSA, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is not reporting an overall school, district or state score, individual component score (Learners or Program Review) or associated accountability labels in the new data. This transition year hasn’t changed Murray Independent’s daily commitment to tradition, pride and excellence to promote student success. Superintendent Coy Samons, said “I would like to congratulate all of our schools for their remarkable scores on the 2016-2017 state assessment. On a daily basis, each campus demonstrates a commitment to student success and promotes tradition, pride, and excellence.” Kentucky has continued to focus on novice reduction and improving student achievement for those students most in need. In the new MISD data, novice reduction is seen in the majority of content areas throughout the district, while an increase in scores for students in special populations is evident. Murray Elementary, Murray Middle and Murray High School increased achievement scores over the 2015-2016 scores including many other notable and results. Lou Carter, curriculum and instruction director, said we are truly appreciative of the support of parents/guardians and community ensuring the students are at school and encouraged to excel in their academics. “We are thrilled with the overall performance of our students on the 2016-2017 assessment,” she said. “Our students and staff strive daily to ensure learning is taking place with mastery of standards and skills at all grade levels.” “Together, we are making a great impact,” said Denise Whitaker, MES principal. “We are extremely proud of our students and their high levels of learning.” Whitaker said the entire MES staff, pre-school through third grade, respects every student and believes each child can learn by working hard and having pride in their skills. “Our families are wonderful and encourage their children to do their best every day. Our school appreciates the support and help from our district administrators, school board, and community. “ Bob Horne, MMS principal, is extremely proud of the MMS student test scores and most proud of the overall achievement scores that remain at a high level in every content area. “The teachers have gone above and beyond to develop engaging lessons, using innovative instructional strategies and incorporating a great deal of student technology.” “We commend everyone for meeting the needs of all our high school students and are proud of what our students and teachers do in the classroom every day,” said Teresa Speed, MHS principal. “From the custodial staff to the kitchen staff, to the bus drivers, our students are taken care of every day. We applaud the parents and community for their support and high expectations, that’s what makes MHS thrive.” MISD 2016-2017 State Assessment Data Achievement – NAPD scores from K-PREP in reading, mathematics, science, social students and writing are included in a school’s achievement reporting. EOC exams at the high school level are used for achievement. The calculation (NAPD) is one point for each percent of students scoring distinguished and proficient, one-half point for apprentice, and novice receives no points. A bonus that is the difference between the two performance levels is added if there are more distinguished than novice. GAP – The percent of students in the non-duplicated GAP group scoring proficient and distinguished on KPREP and EOC exams in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing are included in school GAP reporting. Also included are points awarded to schools for completing novice reduction goals in math and reading subject areas. Growth – Student scores are used to generate a student growth percentile for grades 4-8. Points are awarded for the percentage of students scoring at or above 40th percentile. Points are also awarded for students who increase a performance level on state assessments or maintain a proficient/distinguished level. Murray Elementary 2015-2016 2016-2017 Difference Overall Achievement Points 100.0 100.0 -- Overall GAP Points 70.2 77.1 +6.9 Reading NAPD 100.0 100.0 -- Math NAPD 100.0 100.0 -- Murray Middle 4/5 6-8 Overall Achievement Points 94.6 99.5 Overall GAP Points 58.9 63.7 Overall Growth Points 74.1 76.2 Murray Middle 4/5 2015-2016 2016-2017 Difference 4th Reading NAPD 94.0 99.6 +5.6 5th Reading NAPD 100.0 100.0 -- 4th Math NAPD 100.0 100.0 -- 5th Math NAPD 100.0 100.0 -- 4th Lang Mechanics NAPD 90.9 97.3 +6.4 5th Social Studies NAPD 94.6 100.0 +5.4 Murray Middle 6-8 2015-2016 2016-2017 Difference 6th Reading NAPD 98.6 100.0 +1.4 7th Reading NAPD 98.5 97.6 -0.9 8th Reading NAPD 98.1 100.0 +1.9 6th Math NAPD 100.0 97.8 -2.2 7th Math NAPD 100.0 96.2 -3.8 8th Math NAPD 98.6 99.6 +1 6th Lang Mechanics NAPD 86.8 100.0 +13.2 8th Writing NAPD 100.0 100.0 -- 8th Social Studies NAPD 100.0 100.0 Murray High 2015-2016 2016-2017 Difference Overall Achievement Points 80.2 92.2 +12 Overall GAP Points 71.6 82.5 +10.9 Overall CCR Points 99.6 95.0 -4.6 Overall Graduation Points 97.8 100.0 +2.2 Reading NAPD (English 2) 77.7 93.0 +16 Math NAPD (Algebra 2) 89.5 98.9 +9.4 Social Studies NAPD (US History) 72.3 79.0 +6.7 Science NAPD (Biology) 86.8 100.0 +13.2 Writing 84.7 (10th grade) 89.1 (11th grade) +4.4 ACT Composite 22.5 22.3 AP Testing at Murray High: This past year we had a total of 125 11th and 12th graders complete an AP exam with a total number of 306 exams taken. AP examinations are scored on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the highest possible score. Out of the 306 exams taken 152 were in the 3-5 score range.