2017 MMS Outstanding Artist Awards

Artist Showcase at MMS

by S. Purdom

5/8/2017 3:27:23 PM

News Image 2017 Murray Middle School Outstanding Artist Awards Photo1: MMS 7th and 8th grade Outstanding Artists: (8th Grade): (back row from left): Lucinda White, Makenzie Turley, Kaitlyn Wuest, Madeleine Griffey, Kealy Shoemaker and Gabe Taylor (7th Grade) (front row from left) Hollis Bourque, Amanda Peiffer, Apirada Chetawatee, MacKenzie Flowers, and Andrew Orr Photo2: (6th Grade) (back row from left) :Kyra Jones, Jenna Turley, Coral Brogan, and Hannah McKibben (5th Grade) middle row from left: Rianna Peng, Canyon Bourque, Gideon Mathis, and Sage Mize-Harper (4th Grade) (front row from left): Hyein Kim, Aamira Trivedi, and Mason McCallum Murray, Ky., May 4----Murray Middle School recently hosted its annual Arts Night at MMS by Gena Maley, art teacher, Beth Stribling, band director, Charles Haney, music teacher, and Angie Murdock, technology teacher. A main strength of MMS is the ability of its Arts team to provide all the students the tools to explore, enrich and apply their talents and creative interests. During the annual event students are provided the opportunity to share their talents with other students, parents, & the community while showcasing projects and presentations created throughout the year in grades 4-8. Artworks were on display throughout the Arts hallways and cafeteria. Students also demonstrated their performance talents through speech, poetry, dance, technology, jazz band and a variety of ensembles. Outstanding Artists Awards were recognized and presented to students in each grade level during the closing reception. ------30------