MISD Students Top In The State

2015-2016 State Assessment Data

by S. Purdom

9/29/2016 2:53:38 PM

Murray Independent School District Students Top In The State ‘ Murray, Ky., Sept. 29 ----- The black and gold shakeout came quickly when sifting through the newly released 2015-2016 state assessment data. The Murray Independent School District achieved the highest score in the state. Murray Elementary (3-5), Murray Middle (6-8) and Murray High schools (9-12) overall scores are in the top three of the state when compared to other district totals, while their overall accountability scores have improved in the MISD district. In support of Senate Bill One’s push for all students to be college and career ready, MISD as well as the district’s respective schools (MES, MMS and MHS) achieved high classifications among their stellar rankings in year five of the new state testing system. MISD schools, MES (K-3), MMS (4-5), MMS (6-8) and MHS (9-12) were all recognized as Distinguished schools. In addition, MES, MMS (4-5), and MHS (9-12) also received the “School of Distinction,” recognitions. MISD as a district was recognized as a Distinguished District and District of Distinction. The MISD, with tradition, pride and excellence dating back to 1872, also touts the fourth highest attendance rate in the state at 96.9 percent and most recently the MHS 2017 class achieved a 22 ACT composite score, placing it twelfth among all Kentucky high schools Bob Rogers, MISD superintendent and a 50-year seasoned educational veteran, used the word “humble,” to describe this state-wide achievement, while revealing the MISD secret as simply the “teacher-student relationships.” “We are proud of the accomplishments of our students under the leadership of their teachers, administrators, staff and the encouragement of their volunteers, parents and community.” Teresa Speed, MHS principal, said the MISD is very blessed to be supported by families, community, business and industry. “Every student every day is our motto and we take it to heart. The teachers and staff strive to build relationships and support students in achieving the highest path possible for each of their futures. The students are amazing and continue to push to the top.” Denise Whitaker, MES principal, said MES is honored to be a part of the MISD. “We are extremely proud of our students and entire MES Team. Our teachers and staff love and believe in every child. Every day, the students are excited to learn and work hard to reach amazing levels of success.” Former MMS principal and current MISD Instructional Supervisor, Lou Carter, said she is extremely proud of the students, teachers, staff, volunteers and families working together each day to ensure the tradition of success and continuing the quest for improvement. “What a stellar showing of our students’ academic achievement across the school district! We know we can’t stop our focus now, as plans are already in action to continue novice reduction.” Bob Horne, MMS principal, who just stepped on board this year as the new MMS principal, said it is a true honor. “It’s a testament to everyone’s hard work as a team.” ------30------