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The Murray Independent School System proudly proclaims "a tradition of excellence," extending back over a hundred years, when, in 1872, the first "Murray High School" was built in the center of town by a group of citizens concerned about the education of young people. The school district has been recognized repeatedly for academic excellence...

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The Murray City School System is organized into an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. With only three schools, the Murray school system is a small one, a fact which contributes immeasurably to its "tradition of excellence." Small numbers...


Murray Independent School District has enjoyed academic excellence since 1872 when it was founded. Below are just some of the many statistics that separates our district from...


Winning is an important aspect of sports. To achieve success, the Murray Independent School District athletic program provides excellent training, high standards of sportsmanship, a healthy respect for competition, and a strong foundation...

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Murray Independent School District is a community of leaders and learners. Our school district represents a great opportunity for educators to grow and develop professionally. Whether you're a recent graduate looking for a first ...


Robert Frost said, 'Home is the place, when you have to go there,they have to take you in.' I like to think of our schools as the place, where, if you get to go there, you know they'll take you in. Fond memories, strong ties...

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March SBDM Minutes

by Trinity Campbell
Added: 4/27/2016 10:15:07 AM

Murray Middle School
SBDM Minutes
March 22, 2016
Special Called Meeting
Meeting Location: Media Center

SBDM Members: LaCosta Hays, Krissy Zirbel, Gena Maley, Jason Howell and Staci Stone.

The meeting was called to order by Ms. Maley.
The First item of Business: Agenda Approval- A motion to approve the agenda was made by Ms. Hays. Seconded by Ms. Stone. Motion carried

Minutes Approval: Ms. Stone told the committee that she recalled that Ms. Carter had told the committee that science being taught in conjunction with math was a district level decision. She requested that this be added to the Public Comment section in the January minutes. A motion to approve the agenda with amendments was made by Ms. Zirbel. Seconded by Mr. Hays. Motion carried.

Good News Report: Ms. Maley reviewed the February and March board reports. Also shared with the committee was an email from the 4th and 5th grade teams and the positive feedback they received from the Title I reading and math family night.

Public Comment: Ms. Stone stated that she had been approached by a parent on the communication from the school on upcoming activities and events. It was explained that events are posted on the web calendar, homework emails, posted in the office and flyers are sent home. She said some parents are still not receiving all information.

Ms. Morgan Carmen from the Family Resource Center presented the committee with a grant proposal form the government that has to be approved by council every 2 years. It states that the school will work in conjunction with the resource center.

Student Achievement: Ms. Maley presented the committee with the ESS report from Ms. Muehleman. No action needed.

Ms. Faughn was not present with the preliminary KREP testing schedule or MAP testing report. Both items were tabled until the April meeting.

Ms. Coulson is continuing to gather information on the writing program review. It was tabled until the April meeting.

Budget Report: A motion was made by Ms. Hays to accept the February and March budget reports with correction to the outgoing and remaining balances in 7th grade budget. It should read $794.72 outgoing and $5.28 remaining. Seconded by Ms. Zirbel. Motion carried.

Ms. Maley presented the committee with the proposed 2016-2017 SBDM budget. A motion was made by Mr. Howell to approve the budget. Seconded by Ms. Zirbel. Motion carried.

Ms. Hays asked about the amount of postage being used and was told that the majority was being used on referrals being mailed to parents. She asked that this be added to the April agenda.

Committee Reports: No committee reports at this time.

Old Business: No old business to report.

New Business: Ms. Maley presented a list of items she needs to complete the school year. She explained to the committee that these were items that students used on a daily basis in the classroom. Ms. Maley told the committee she understood that the contingency budget was for such purposes. She requested $327 from the committee. A motion was made by Ms. Zirbel to approve the request. Seconded by Mr. Howell. Motion carried.

Ms. Zirbel asked the committee what happened to the money at the end of year. Was it “lost” or did it roll over to the next. It was requested the bookkeeper, Trinity Campbell find the information from the district level.

Ms. Maley told the committee that a celebration was done every year to kick off KPREP testing. A motion was made by Ms. Hays to charge the School Culture and Resources committee with planning this event. Seconded by Ms. Zirbel. Motion carried

Ms. Maley shared with committee that the 2016-2017 master schedule had to be reviewed. A motion was made by Ms. Zirbel to charge the Curriculum and Instruction Committee with reviewing the 2016-2017 master schedule. Seconded by Ms. Stone. Motion carried.

Ongoing Learning: None at this time.

Upcoming Deadlines: Kentucky Education Commissioner, Steven Pruitt will be at Murray Middle School April 28, at 6:30 PM for a Town Hall Meeting. This meeting is open to the public. He will be discussing Every Student Succeeds and be open to taking questions from the audience.

SBDM parent elections will be in April and are conducted by the PTO. Ms. Ami Carson will contacted regarding these.

Next SBDM meeting will be April 19, 2016, in the Media Center.

A motion was made by Ms. Zirbel to adjourn. Seconded by Ms. Hays. Motion carried.
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