January SBDM Minutes

january SBDM meeting minutes

by Trinity Campbell

3/23/2016 10:21:47 AM

Murray Middle School SBDM Minutes January 12, 2016 Meeting Location: Media Center SBDM Members: Lou Carter, LaCosta Hays, Krissy Zirbel, Gena Maley, Mike Epperson, Jason Howell and Staci Stone. The meeting was called to order by Ms. Carter. The First item of Business: Agenda Approval- A motion to approve the agenda was made by Ms. Maley. Seconded by Mr. Howell. Motion carried. Minutes Approval: A motion to approve the December 8, 2015, minutes was made by Ms. Maley. Seconded by Ms. Hays. Motion carried. Good News Report: Ms. Carter reviewed the January board report and January faculty meeting schedule. Murray Middle School collected 5681 can goods to donate to Needline in their December food drive. Author Sharon Draper will be visiting Murray Middle School in March. Public Comment: Mr. Howell shared with the council that he had been asked by a few parents why science was only taught one day a week in the 5th grade. Ms. Carter explained that science was being taught in conjunction with math and this was a decision made at the district level. Student Achievement: Ms. Carter shared the current student failure reports. The majority of the students that were failing one or more classes were GAP students. The following are the lowest areas at each grade level: 4th grade- Language Art Mechanics 5th grade- Language Art Mechanics, Math 6th grade- Math 7th grade- Science, Social Studies, Math 8th grade Language Arts, Math Changes in the new KpREP testing standards include changing 4/5 scoring in Achievement to 33.3%, Growth 33.3% and Gap 33.3%. There are also changes at each grade level in the number of questions asked and time allowed for each section. This format was reviewed by the SBDM council. The Winter Map report showed where each grade ranked as well as their projected growth goal for the year. Budget Report: A motion was made by Ms. Zirbel to accept the budget report with correction to the outgoing balance in Guidance General Supplies. It was reported $3351.02 and should be $351.02 Seconded by Ms. Maley. Motion carried. Committee Reports: No committee reports at this time. Old Business: The Technology Committee will meet in January to discuss surveying teachers on cell phone use in the classroom. New Business: No new business. Ongoing Learning: KASC Get Moving to Learn and article and classroom strategies were shared with the council. Ms. Carter will share with all the teachers as well. The next SBDM meeting will be February 9, 2016, in the Media Center. A motion was made by Ms. Maley to adjourn. Seconded by Ms. Zirbel. Motion carried.