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KDE is making some much-needed changes to the state email design. In order to achieve it, each district must be migrated to its own tenant. KDE and Microsoft contacted us and have asked Murray Independent to be migrated in the Phase 2 group which is set for February 22.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1: When will migraion begin?
  2. Question 2: Who is affected?
  3. Question 3: How am I affected?
  4. Question 4: What do I need to do?
  5. Question 5: How do users (staff AND students) access thier old mailbox in the event there is something that they have to retrieve?
  6. Question 6: How do I reconfigure email on my smartphone after migration?
  7. Question 7: How do staff backup their Outlook profile?
  8. Question 8: How do staff reconfigure Outlook after migration?
  9. Question 9: What do students need to do to keep mailbox items they currently have?
  10. Question 10: How do I export a distribution list into a text file?
  11. Question 11: What do I need to do if I receive the following message or similiar message: "Selected user does not exist in tenant ..."?
  12. Question 12: I am experiencing an issue signing into Skype for Business. What do I do?
  13. Question 13: What do I need to do as I can't get logged into my Webmail?
  14. Question 14: What will happen to my Read and Delivery Receipts after migration?
  15. Question 15: How do I add my email signature back into my email?
  16. Question 16: How do I import a distribution group into Outlook?
  17. Question 17: Why are older items I recently deleted now back in my mailbox?
  18. Question 18: What happened to my Clutter settings? Why is so much unimportant mail in my Inbox now?

Answer 1:

Migration will begin Thursday, February 22, 2018 in the afternoon beginning around 3:30 PM and most likely be done Friday sometime. However, there will be more post-migration tasks that will have to be performed on Friday. The expectation is that email will be fully functional once again by Monday, February 26. Some will be able to receive and send email before others on Friday. That is to be expected. Everyone should be patient and understand everything will not be working perfectly until sometime the following week.

Answer 2:

All students and staff in Murray Independent School District will be affected to some degree. Staff will have their mailbox content migrated for them as part of the migration project. Students will NOT have any mailbox content migrated.

Answer 3:

Your emails, email folders, contacts, and calendar will automatically be migrated over. Active OneDrive users will also have their OneDrive content migrated.

After migration, Webmail (login.microsoftonline.com) will work as it always has. Wemail can be accessed here.

You will have extra cloud-based features in Office 365 such as Skype for Business, Office products, etc. In addition, other Office 365 services that were previously unavailable because of the state design will now become available.

For those that use the Outlook email client (most staff), it (the profile) will need to be manually reconfigured after migration. If you fail to perform these steps, you will not be able to use Outlook but would have to use Webmail until you complete the steps. Instructions to reconfigure your Outlook profile are accessible here.

If you have email on your smartphone, you will need to reconfigure it after migration. Instructions to reconfigure your smartphone can be accssed here.

You may experience some issues on Friday morning using Chromebooks. There will not be any issues once we make some post-migration changes.

Answer 4:

From now until February 22, staff should clean up as much of their email as possible, such as delete old emails not needed, empty the trash folder, etc. (This will make the migration process much faster.) Instructions to help you cleanup your mailbox can be found here.

Staff can choose to backup their Outlook profile. This should not be necessary, but it never hurts to have an extra backup. Those instructions are accessible here.

The instructions staff will need after migration to set up their Outlook client again are here. The instructions (staff or students) to configure email on smartphones is found here.

If staff have trouble with any of the instructions, they should submit a work order on our Intranet site, and we will address them as fast as we can.

Please be patient with us as we work through this very large project.

Answer 5:

Your account prior to the migration still exists, but had to be renamed as part of the migration process. Users will be able to access this data through the end of the school year, but it's highly recommended that they move what is needed prior to that time.

To access your old account use the following user information:

Username: <username>-murray@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com
Password: <Password is what it was at the time of migration>

Example (Staff):

Primary username: first.last@murray.kyschools.us
Renamed username: first.last-murray@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com

Example (Student):

Primary username: first.last@stu.murray.kyschools.us
Renamed username: first.last-stu.murray@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com

Answer 6:

The instructions to configure email on smartphones is found here.

Answer 7:

Staff can choose to backup their Outlook profile. This should not be necessary, but it never hurts to have an extra backup. Those instructions are accessible here.

Answer 8:

The instructions on how to set up your Outlook client again are here.

Answer 9:

As mentioned previously, student mailbox content is NOT being migrated. Only staff content. If a student has mailbox items they need to keep, they can move those items to a personal account, print those items, save those items to their network drive, copy/paste the information into their GSuite drive, or access them AFTER migration using the instructions addressed in Answer 5 above.

Answer 10:

Since distribution group contacts do not migrate, you may want to export them into a text file prior to migration. The instructions on how to do that are accessible here. Once migration has been completed, you can then re-create your distribution group by importing the text file. Those directions will be forthcoming.

Answer 11:

If you receive this error message when trying to sign in to Google, please click on the 3 dots beside your name and select Sign out and Forget. Close your browser and relaunch it and try to sign back into Google. This applies to staff and students.

Answer 12:

Following migration, you may experience issues signing into Skype for Business. To resolve this issue, you can cancel the login process and the click Delete my sign-In info. Then click “Sign In” with your @murray.kyschools.us address in the sign-in address box.

Answer 13:

Many people will see that they stay logged into their old webmail account following migration, particular when you save your credentials. The easiest way to check is to log into webmail and then click on your name and picture in the top right-hand corner. A good value is an address that ends with @murray.kyschools.us.

If you’re still logged into the old account, the bad value would be occurring if you see @staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com. If you see a @staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com address, you’ll need to log out, wait for it to finish logging out, and then close your browser. Then you can log into webmail again with your @murray.kyschools.us address and it should take you to your “new” mailbox. You should be able to view new mail at that point.

If you have any trouble accessing webmail after the migration, please clear your browser cache and try again.

  1. How to clear cache in Google Chrome
  2. How to clear cache in Mozilla Firefox
  3. How to clear cache in Internet Explorer

Answer 14:

Read and Delivery Receipts should not be expected to work between districts due to the security concern of sending those receipts to the Internet as it advertises to SPAMMERS there is a live mailbox in existance.

Answer 15:

Please follow the directions in this link. You can open an old email and copy your signature and paste it into step 3 of the directions.

Answer 16:

Instructions to import members into a Distribution Group are located here. The instructions assume that the members are already in your contacts..

Answer 17:

The migration process fo rour district began two weeks prior to February 22 when Microsoft took a "snapshot" of your mailbox. This was done to reduce the overall time that migration would take. That shapshot plus any new items that were created during those two weeks leading up to February 22 will be in your mailbox. This was something no one was aware of prior to migration.

Answer 18:

Some mailbox settings did not transfer as part of migration. If you want to turn on the "Clutter" feature, follow the directions outlined here.