School Closing Information

Where to go and Who to Contact

In case of inclement weather, please be advised to listen to radio or television broadcasts. A list of local radio and television stations that will have closing information is located at the bottom of this section. After 5:30 AM, Murray Independent Schools will announce closings or early dismissal on the stations listed above.

Additionally, phone calls will be made using our parent notification system. If you do not receive the notification, please contact your child's school and not the district office.

If schools are closed any days due to inclement weather, the school year may be extended to make up for missed days. If conditions permit, the Central Office will be open even when individual schools are closed.

If schools are closed for any reason, the day(s) missed would be made-up accordingly following the district calendar.

If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact James Bordeaux, Director of Transportation, at (270) 753-4363 after 6:30 AM.

In the event of a delay or early dismissal, the below times will be utilized:


1 Hour Delay 8:30 AM
2 Hour Delay 9:30 AM
Early Dismissal 12:30 PM


1 Hour Delay 8:30 AM
2 Hour Delay 9:30 AM
Early Dismissal 12:30 PM


1 Hour Delay 8:55AM
2 Hour Delay 9:55 AM
Early Dismissal 1:00 PM


1 Hour Delay 9:15 AM
2 Hour Delay 10:15 AM
Early Dismissal 1:10 PM

WVHM 90.5 FM

Like their sister stations WAAJ and WTRT, WVHM is a ministry first – a ministry that happens to be a radio station. We are supported by listeners, churches, and businesses who believe in what we do. That includes providing music and programming that makes our community a better place..

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WKMS 91.3 FM

WKMS signed on May 11, 1970 as a non-commercial, educational FM station licensed to Murray State University. The station now broadcasts in analog FM stereo and HD Digital on 91.3 MHz.

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WKYQ 93.3 FM

Billed as "Today's 24 Carrot Country"
, 93.3 WKYQ is part of the Bristol Broadcasting Company.

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WDDJ 96.9 FM

The Electric 96.9 labeled as "Paducah's Hottest Music", is part of the Bristol Broadcasting Company.

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WFGS 103.7 FM

Froggy 103.7 FM
is part of Forever Communcations, Inc. and advertises itself as "The Best and Most Country".

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WNBS 1340 AM

WNBS is the sister station to 103.7 FM and is a news talk radio station.

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WPSD Channel 6

WPSD Local 6 serves western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and northwest Tennessee.

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