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Not to be confused with student report cards, these Report Cards provide information about each school and district, including test performance, teacher qualifications, and much more.


Services are offered to students with identified disabilities. If you need more information about these services, contact David McDowell, Director of Special Education, at (270) 761-6512.


Gifted education is a broad term for special practices, procedures, and theories used in the education of children who have been identified as gifted or talented. For more information, click here.


All school districts and schools in Kentucky are required by the Department of Education to complete a comprehensive improvement plan following a prescribed format..

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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Admissions Details


Students residing in the Calloway County School District have to complete a preregistration form.

Nonresident students, who did not preregister by the last day of school of the previous school year, are placed on a waiting list.

All nonresident Calloway County students, enrolling for the first time in the Murray Independent School District, must register at the Board Office.

For more information, please contact the superintendent's office at (270) 753-4363.

Kindergarten readiness and registration information is accessible here.


For those students who reside in Calloway County School District, current students, siblings of current students, and incoming kindergarten students are given priority on enrollment. A $50 deposit will have to be made to be assured of enrollment for the upcoming school year.

The district limits its student enrollment to 500 students who reside in Calloway County's School District.

Tuition is $300 per student residing in the Calloway County School District with a family maximum of $900 per school year,and all tuition paying students must make all tuition payments for the current school year by the end of the school year.

All students who have an unpaid tuition balances at the end of the current school year will automatically be placed on the next year's waiting list and would therefore forfeit their priority enrollment status.

Preregistration for the next school year is conducted at each school, and all preregistration forms for next school year should be returned to the school.

District of residence determines which registration form needs to be completed. The district map shows the boundaries of the Murray Independent School District which are NOT the same as the boundaries of the city of Murray.


District of residence determines which registration form to complete. Please contact the school for the appropriate form.


The boundaries of the school district are not the same as the boundaries of the city of Murray.

If you're not sure whether you reside in our school district, please call the central office at 753-4363.

The boundaries of the district can be viwed on this map.

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