The Tiger Bank

Educating Students About Banking

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Tiger Bank

The mission of the Tiger Bank is to educate students about how a bank operates. The bank provides loans and deposit services to the student body and clubs. Although the Tiger Bank is not created for the purpose of making a large profit, it should be operated with the goal of realizing at least a small annual net gain.

The student bankers are to be aware that the positions they hold are important ones. It’s essential that all business is handled with integrity, maturity, and confidentiality.

The Tiger Bank consists of students who are in the Financial Services I and Financial Services II classes. The students in these two classes participated in a real life interview in mid September with two employees from the Murray Bank. The interviews determined which position the students were selected for. The students went to Murray Bank to job shadow their positions to get a better understanding of their positions.

The Tiger Bank is open during both lunch periods.

General Information

  • The Tiger Bank is offering a new service this year... Quick Lunch Loans.  Students who have no lunch money in their account can get a quick $2 loan while they are in the lunch line to avoid having to throw their lunch out or get peanut butter sandwiches. Students get a $2 loan then pay back $2.25 within one week.
  • Students can also open interest earning savings accounts with a minimum $5 balance.
  • If you owe on a Tiger Bank loan please start making payments if you haven't already.  Please try to get those paid off. Late fees and interest are starting to accumulate.
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