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Counselor's Corner

staff photo The guidance office is committed to assisting students with all aspects of their high school experience. This webpage was designed to supplement and reinforce the information that is distributed to students at school. If students need assistance, they can come to the guidance office to request an individual meeting with me, Lonita Wilson, or simply contact me by email or telephone at (270) 753-5202.

Our goal is to provide a positive high school experience for every Murray High student. Be sure to check back often for updated guidance office information including scholarship information. If there is any way I can be of assistance let me know!

Important Information

Additional Information

  • Does your student need extra help? Tutoring is available before and after school from teachers. Students receive 1 point for each hour of tutoring added to their 9-weeks grade -- up to 9 total points. (So if a student had a 61 average in a class and had attended 9 hours of tutoring their 9-weeks grade would be raised to a 70).
  • Students requesting recommendations from guidance counselor need to provide a resume which includes all school and extracurricular activities, awards, clubs, sports, honors, work experience, volunteer work, community involvement, AP Classes, etc.

Racer Academy

  • New Racer Academy students will apply through their website at http://www.murraystate.edu/RacerAcademy.
  • Freshmen Admissions Standards
  • Students will be asked to create an account first, then will complete their application including submitting their application fee online!
  • Choose "MSU High School Application". Some of the students are choosing Undergraduate Application, which is totally different.
  • Students MUST submit their social security number on the application. It CANNOT be processed without it now. It is a REQUIRED field.
  • For returning students, they can just shoot me an email to let me know they've applied, and I'll push the application from my end.
  • For students that qualify for a fee waiver, the counselor will submit the application fee waiver.
  • All students new and returning will still have to submit the parental consent and guidance approval forms along with their transcripts/test scores. The parental consent form can be filled out online and printed, but we do not have the capability yet for all the forms to be submitted online. Since we have to scan all paperwork, if possible, we are asking that you scan and email documents to me instead of faxing. The faxed paperwork does not usually scan well, then we have to ask for another copy creating more work for you.
  • One other big change with this new Racer Academy application, students have the option to say they want to be considered for college freshman admission. If the student checks "yes", then the admissions office will go ahead and process the application for admission as a freshman! The students will NOT have to apply again for college!

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