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SBDM Council


  • Teresa Speed, Principal
  • Ann Greenfield, Teacher
  • Cindy Adams, Teacher
  • Melanie Dawson, Teacher
  • David Wilson, Parent
  • Peggy Koelsch, Parent

In the 1990 legislative session, the Kentucky legislature passed HB 940, which is best known as the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). Essentially, this piece of legislation changed the face of education in Kentucky from curriculum to finance. One drastic change that came with KERA was in governance, and the introduction of school-based decision making councils by KRS 160.345.

​School councils promote shared leadership among those who are close to the students. Membership of each council includes parents, teachers and an administrator of the school. The council has the responsibility to set school policy and make decisions outlined in statute which shall provide an environment to enhance student achievement and help meet the goals established in KRS 158.645 and KRS 158.6451.

Making decisions through shared decision making results in a greater commitment to implementing decisions that will enhance the achievement of students.

  • Council membership information must be posted on the district’s web page by November 1 of each year. Click here for this information.
  • Schools with approved alternative councils may adjust the template to match the membership of the council.
  • Schools with over 8% minority student populations must elect both a minority teacher representative if a minority representative is not presently on the existing council.
  • School districts are required to submit required training verification for each SBDM council member by posting the council information by school on their district's website. This posting process now serves as fulfillment of the requirement forannual verification of required SBDM council member training by superintendents. This posting process replaces the former online data submission process used by superintendents to fulfill the requirements in KRS 160.345 for verification of SBDM member training through submission to the Kentucky Department of Education.
  • The new form that is provided for this purpose includes council member names, addresses, trainer's name, and a check-off to indicate whether or not the SBDM member has received the required training for their current term of office.

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