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Counselor's Corner

staff photo Murray Elementary School's counseling program’s major goal is to support a student’s potential to develop to the fullest academically, personally, and socially. The program is designed to serve the needs of all children at each stage of their development. Elementary school counselors consult with parents or guardians, teachers, other educators and community agencies regarding strategies to help students and families. Counselors serve as student advocates. School counselors help coordinate the functions of the counseling program within their school and the efforts of school personnel, families and community service agencies to provide services for children to avoid duplication and develop a team approach to serving children.

  • Individual counseling provides assistance with school adjustment, understanding of difficulties in dealing with relationships, and support for short-term and temporary crisis situations in a student’s life that may interfere with learning and social development.
  • Developmental groups help students build self-control, social skills, and help them understand normal developmental growth.
  • Problem-centered small groups help students identify problems, causes, alternatives and possible consequences so they can take appropriate action and understand how to cope with personal issues.

Classroom guidance encourages choices and decisions that will lead to effective functioning as students and future citizens. Students will learn to take responsibility for their actions. Lessons focus on skills to foster student understanding of the relationship between their personal qualities and success in school and life outside school. These would include:

  • Increasing student learning skills, self-knowledge, and positive motivation
  • Respect for self and others
  • Interpersonal skills for effective communication
  • Improving positive relationships
  • Safety concerns
  • Coping skills in times of stress of crisis

The School Counseling Program promotes a commitment to learning. You as parents are an important part of the program. Please feel free to contact me, Chelsee Ryan, any time by email or by telephone at (270) 753-5022.

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